About Emilie

creative direction and design, meet sustainability, consciousness and co-creation

As granddaughter of world famous furniture architect Børge Mogensen, Emilie is Danish born with design and aesthetics in her DNA.

Besides being a designer, she holds the “Inner MBA”, a Masters in conscious business and entrepreneurship, from New York University. 

She is on a mission to enhance unity, compassion and heart centered entrepreneurship in modern life business endeavors.

She strives to build bridge between ancient wisdom practises and sustainable entrepreneurship. 

Emilie often found herself standing at the intersection of two paths in her life. One was about her heritage in a design family, with a deep love and talent for textiles, crafts and aesthetics.

The other, about her innate passion and curiosity in the field of consciousness, human potential and spirituality. Almost 3 decades of daily meditation, numerous years lived in India with spiritual teachers and tons of books and courses on spiritual subjects, gives her a solid experience and understanding of subjects related to human potential, self development and conscious living. 

She is however humbled every day to witness and feel that it is only in holding space for the present moment, we can discover our true being.

On one hand, she is a powerful, selfmade “street achiever”, always connecting and striving to excel and expand.

On the other hand, she is an intuitive seeker, who left high school to go to India and meditate with spiritual Masters.

At times, two worlds seemingly far from each other, often made Emilie feel caught between an intense drive as a creative entrepreneur, and a more vulnerable and introvert need to seek and explore her inner being.

Over the years, it has become clear to Emilie, that her true inner calling, is really about letting these two paths intermingle and become one.

She is called to inspire others in implementing a spiritual and conscious approach to inner and outer creative direction.
Even take it a step further, and make it a purpose in itself, to grow a business from within.

Her true goal is to become a better person, while she is busy co-creating with great people towards making the world a better place.

Emilie is convinced that by designing our inner destiny, in a conscious and responsible way, we are more likely to participate in designing a more compassionate world for future generations.

She has learned to listen to her inner soul voice, and is driven from within to inspire others to do the same

one of Her favorite quotes:

"the true meaning of life is to plant trees, we will never enjoy the shade from"

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