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about emilie's work and person

A project, a person or a business. It all has a consciousness of it’s own, broadcasting a certain energy frequency.

As an intuitive, I pick up on frequencies and vibrations, and tap into your system.
It allows me to feel which narratives are serving you and your business well and less well.

When we enhance our awareness, of what energy we create with in certain areas of life and in business, we are able to change and direct the energy in new ways, serving our soul purpose better.

We start working from a more neutral place, leaving room for the voice of our true inner being, to speak it’s very own unique language.  “

When I tap into your energetic system I can feel if your words, thoughts and actions, are coherent with your inner state of being.
In other words, I feel when you speak the voice of your soul.

We work and co-create in an open, loving and authentic environment, using different tools and techniques to transform energy blockages.
When you begin to look at your business as a place to truly transform yourself, it propels you towards taking your dreams to places you only dreamed of in silence before.

I am not here to tell you what to do or what decisions to take. I am here to facilitate your inner self-discovery, so you can grow your business from within.

Call me for a free 15 min call, to discover how I can guide you in your journey towards becoming a conscious creator.
+45 26 83 29 67

(You might wanna text me first, to fix a time)

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