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We work and co-create in an open, loving and authentic environment, using different tools and techniques to transform energy blockages and limiting beliefs. 

When you begin to experience your life and business as a place to truly transform yourself, it propels you towards taking your dreams to places you only dreamed of in silence.

I am not here to tell you what to do or what decisions to take. I am here to facilitate your inner self-discovery, so you can grow your business from within and become a conscious creator in all aspects of life. 

Quantum Healing

regression therapy

Discover the mysteries behind your true life’s purpose with Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy.  

A transformative journey in your subconscious, allows you to discover, that the key to all healing and all answers, can be found within.

A powerful way to tap into your inner field of unlimited potential, and get access to the archives of your soul’s journey.

One session can often transform deep blockages and limiting beliefs, if you are courageous enough to ask the really deep questions. 


from me to we consciousness

If you want to learn to work with energy, in order to create more conscious, increase emotional intelligence and awareness  – meditation is the number one tool to practise and master. 

28 years of daily meditation practise, numerous years lived in India and 7 years as a trainer, gives me solid experience in this life transforming wisdom practise.

I guide individuals, organisations and companies in integrating meditation in modern life and business endeavors.

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