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Meditation means to “become familiar with”, and when we meditate we exercise our innate ability to connect with our feelings rather than to our thoughts. Through our body and energy body, we land in the present moment and let go of control. 

If you want to change things in your personality, create new paths in your life, it´s an excellent tool to use, because when the mind and the heart are coherent and work together, we are able to maintain focus on our purpose, without falling into the trap of old traumas and limiting beliefs. 

Really the Soul has access to enormous amounts of potential and intelligence, and we become free when we allow this intelligence to guide us. 

I guide individuals, organisations and companies in how to implement this beautiful wisdom practise, in modern life and business endeavors. 

When we close our eyes, we often discover that forgotten and unknown parts of ourselves, wake up. It’s one of my biggest passions in life, to inspire others to have these deepfelt inner meetings, with their true being.

We can have a deep esoteric approach to meditation, and I love these sessions, as the nerd I am. But I also really appreciate a more simple way, where we use meditation, as a tool in a busy life, to check in with ourselves. 

I am happy to be your mentor and to meditate with you, and your community.

Feel free to call me, to hear how you can benefit from this practise. 




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